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Drumest Blast Series-7pcs (編號:D-Blast-7pcs)

Drumest Blast Series
Professional Model
Size and Stand can be customer order
Wood:All Maple/All Birch/All Walnut/All Cherry




Drumest Blast Series
Professional Model
(Choose seven pieces)
Bass Drum 20x16,Bass Drum22x18
Floor Tom16x16,Floor Tom16x14
Floor Tom14x14,Floor Tom14x12
Rack Tom13x10,Rack Tom13x9
Rack Tom12x10,Rack Tom12x9
Rack Tom12x8,Rack Tom10x9,Rack Tom10x8
Snare Drum14x5,Snare Drum14x5.5
Snare Drum14x6,Snare Drum14x6.5
Hardware HW-980 Series
Clamp and Stand could be customer order
Free Gift: High Model Throne、Felt
Lacquered(Glossy/Satin/Single Faded/Double Faded)
Big Sparkle(extra charge)