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Through hard work, Cadeson is enjoying rapid expansion throughout Asia, Europe and the USA. This year we celebrated our 34th anniversary of making custom drums as a family owned and operated business. Our company is one of the few that truly makes all of its own parts including shells, hardware, lugs and custom finishes. Cadeson's technicians and endorsees have combined efforts to produce the kinds of drums that drummers want. Since Cadeson manufactures everything in house, this avoids the O.E.M. price mark up that typically gets passed on to the customer.

About the Wood:

We have gone through many prototypes over the years, resulting in our current shell designs. Our main concern is using woods that vibrate freely, and attaching the plies to each other so that those woods are allowed to do resonate. We use only North American maple for our pro shells, not what other companies call "Asian Maple".

Drum Sets,

Research has led us to design our new cherry version of the "Blast" kit, debuting at the NAMM 2007 show. This set combines 2 layers of cherry, 2 layers of walnut, and 2 layers of maple. This configuration has the "best of all worlds" projection, warmth and durability. Also making its debut at NAMM 2007 is the Jade series. This is a hand painted artwork series based on our "Watercolor" series snares.


Turkey is known as the center of quality, hand-made cymbals. At Cadeson, all of our cymbals have gone through our own strict research with regards to thickness, radian and quality of material. The result is a sound that is the choice for top professionals worldwide.

With positive reviews from percussionists and drum magazines worldwide, including fantastic press from modern drummer, Cadeson is absolutely a company on the move!